Ep277 Veronica Burgess joins! plus – Mayor of Kingstown, Home Team, The fallout and more!


Episode 277


A fantastic show this week!

Veronica Burgess stops by for a great chat about her life and career. You may know her from Lucifer, Shameless or Death in Texas but she has a great stage show upcoming that you’re going to want to hear about!

Reviews this week are Mayor of Kingstown, The Fallout and Home Team.

The Casting Couch is absolutely star studded.

DC and Marvel only have some mild rumors but the Hollywood News may raise a brow or two.

Thank you for listening! Ratings and Reviews are much appreciated.

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flux capacitor:

  • intro – :22,
  • Box Office – 5:40,
  • Poll Results – 8:00,
  • The Fallout – 14:05,
  • Home Team – 25:10,
  • Mayor of Kingstown – 30:45,
  • Veronica Burgess – 38:30,
  • Casting Couch – 53:40,
  • Hollywood News – 57:35,
  • DC Discussion – 1:02:00,
  • Marvel Minute – 1:04:15,
  • Going Forward – 1:06:15


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