Ep269 I‘ll have what she‘s having


Episode 269


Two main reviews this week: Titane and The Power of the Dog

Then onto a really crowded Casting Couch. Some solid Hollywood News and of course DC and Marvel drop some interesting tidbits along the way.

More details for the big Spider-Man: No Way Home giveaway!

Plus the Box Office, Poll Results and more!

Thank you for listening. Ratings and Reviews are much appreciated.

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flux capacitor:

  • intro – :22
  • Box Office – 3:45,
  • Poll Results – 7:00,
  • Titane – 12:15,
  • Power of the Dog – 19:20,
  • Story Time – 24:45,
  • Casting Couch – 27:35,
  • Hollywood News – 32:30,
  • Trivia Time – 36:30,
  • DC Discussion – 37:45,
  • Marvel Minute – 40:25,
  • Going Forward – 45:45


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