Ep261 We all need a Coach Beard


Episode 261


One of my most anticipated shows of the year. Dave Chappelle, James Bond and Ted Lasso all on the same episode!

No Time to Die is the main review followed up by Dave Chappelle: The Closer, There’s Someone Inside Your House and the season two recap of Ted Lasso!

No Time has both a regular and a SPOILER section. Please check the timestamps below.

We have a James Bond influence What’s in the Glass and our PodRec comes from the world of Ted Lasso.

Casting Couch, Trailer Talk, DC, Marvel and of course the Hollywood News!

Thank you everyone for listening. A rating/review would be much appreciated but more importantly – tell your friends!

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like sand through the hour glass:

  • intro – :22,
  • Box Office – 4:40,
  • Poll Results – 10:00,
  • No Time to Die – 13:30,
  • NTtD SPOILERS – 20:10,
  • Chappelle – 32:45,
  • Inside your House – 35:40,
  • Ted Lasso – 39:30,
  • PodRec – 46:45,
  • Trailer Talk – 48:20,
  • Glass – 53:55,
  • Casting Couch – 56:00,
  • Hollywood News – 59:20,
  • DC Discussion – 1:04:05,
  • Marvel Minute – 1:09:40,
  • Going Forward – 1:10:30


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