The Realm of Take Too Podcast 04/25/2021 – SPINOFF SHOW

Welcome back to the Realm of Take Too Podcast. This is episode 37. For this episode, I am going to review the Irregulars and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood from Netflix and Mortal Kombat that just released in theaters and on HBO Max. Be sure to check show notes to skip ahead if you need to. I will also discuss the premiere episodes of the HBO Max series the Nevers and Shadow and Bone on Netflix. 

After that, I will get into all the familiar segments with CW Catch-up, Rewind, News, and whats in Up and Coming. Now lets get to the show!

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Need to skip ahead:

  • Intro – 00:24
  • Review – The Irregulars – 01:01
  • Review – DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – 08:33
  • Review – Mortal Kombat – 13:00
  • First Reaction – The Nevers – 15:42
  • First Reaction – Shadow and Bone – 19:30
  • CW Catch-up – 22:21
  • Rewind – Midnight, Texas – 27:17
  • News – 29:44
  • Up and Coming – 39:20

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