Ep227 I am…..a revolutionary, not a cat.


Episode 227

This week we have six reviews to entertain you with. Judas and the Black Messiah, Framing Britney, Red Dot, Lady and the Dale, Vanishing at Cecil Hotel and Flight Attendant all lead off the show.

But first Tony drops some disappointing Poll Results. Where’d everybody go?

Our Box Office returns with a crazy new record. The Casting Couch is loaded with star power and the Hollywood News has important talking points.

We debate Zack Snyders Justice League…again. Plus drop rumors during DC Discussion and Marvel Minute.

Ratings and Reviews are much appreciated.

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :17,
  • Poll – 5:10,
  • Judas – 7:55,
  • Britney – 16:05,
  • Red Dot – 22:00,
  • Flight A. – 24:40,
  • Vanishing at Cecil – 28:15,
  • Lady and Dale – 34:50,
  • Box Office – 43:45,
  • Casting Couch – 47:30,
  • Hollywood News – 53:45,
  • DC Discussion – 1:01:55,
  • Marvel Minute – 1:05:55,
  • Going Forward – 1:08:30

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