Ep223 at least he can tweet about it….


Episode 223

It’s been a rough week for your hosts. We’re exhausted, our chairs are squeaky and there are fans blowing everywhere BUT….the pod must go on!

We were able to record in a unique location this round which means you get unique audio! Hooray.

We have four main reviews this week: News of the World, Locked Down, Another Round and Night Stalkers. Plus we have a First Take on WandaVision!

Our Casting Couch is loaded, the Hollywood News is heavy and the Marvel Minute brings some serious talking points!

Brian was lucky enough to join two other podcasts this week and they are our PodRecs this round!

The best part of the show is you! Bothe the Thursday Poll AND Superhero Secret Cinema were very well received and chatted about by you folks. That’s amazing! 

Ratings and Reviews are always appreciated.

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :38
  • Poll Results – 3:50,
  • News of the World – 8:15,
  • Night Stalker – 16:10,
  • Locked Down – 19:00,
  • Another Round – 22:00,
  • WandaVision – 26:00,
  • Superhero Secret Cinema – 32:15,
  • Casting couch – 33:30,
  • PodRec – 36:15,
  • Trailer Talk – 38:25,
  • Hollywood News – 45:30,
  • DC Discussion – 51:35,
  • Marvel Minute – 54:10,
  • Going Forward – 59:20,

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