Ep210 10/20/20 welp, here go the ratings…


Episode 210

A hybrid show this week. 

Schedules goofed us up last minute but the show must go on!

Brian is solo this week covering all the latest Hollywood News, Casting, DC, Marvel and more!

He drops a unique What’s in the Glass along with covering our latest poll results and Superhero Secret Cinema winners!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :28
  • Poll Results – 7:14,
  • Superhero Secret Cinema – 10:30,
  • Trailer Talk – 13:40,
  • Glass – 19:10,
  • Casting – 21:45,
  • Hollywood News – 29:00,
  • DC Discussion – 38:55,
  • Marvel Minute – 42:05
  • Going Forward – 44:25

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