The Realm of Take Too Podcast 06/28/2020 – SPINOFF SHOW


The Realm of Take Too Podcast is back with Episode 27! This is a short listen as July and August gear up to be huge shows! Roy starts out with a review of the newly released Artemis Fowl on Disney+. He then gives you his first reactions to episode 1, season 2 of the Order and the inaugural episode of Crossing Swords. After that, Roy moves on to Rewind, which will be a little different this time around…see what I did there. Next, he moves on to a short News segment and then finishes on What’s Up and Coming, which is the reason why July and August is going to be huge…so many new shows! Now start listening…

Thank you for listening!

Need to skip ahead:

  • Intro 00:24
  • Review – Artemis Fowl – 01:05
  • Reaction – The Order – 09:24
  • Reaction – Crossing Swords – 13:07
  • Rewind – HBO Max – 17:28
  • News – 21:05
  • Up and Coming – 23:44
  • Outro – 26:53

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See you next time on the Realm of Take Too Podcast!

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