CW Recap Show: Season 2, Ep24 5/02/20


CW Weekly Recap Show

Season Two, Episode 24

THE Official Podcast of the CW Network in Washington DC at DCW50.

We have a little more going on this week then we have the past few and are so excited to talk about it all. We’ve got four, count ’em, four whole shows to cover this week.  So thank you CW

First Brian and Craig come in to review the return of Batwoman where we get a fun new villain & a huge twist in the Batman lore.  Then Roy & Tony speed in to catch us up on The Flash and tons of fun with Legends too.  This week wraps up with John & Craig discussing the penultimate episode of the Riverdale season.

Join us every Saturday for our weekly CW recap shows for as long as the CW keeps showing new episodes.


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