The Realm of Take Too Podcast 04/26/2020 – SPINOFF SHOW


It is the last Sunday of the month so you know what that means…Roy emerges to bring you another exciting episode of the Realm of Take Too Podcast. Roy starts the episode with a review of Netflix’s The Letter for the King. He then moves into season catch-ups of Supernatural, Legacies, and Charmed.

To help you look for some shows to watch during this time, Roy goes over the last 24 series he highlighted in past Rewinds and brings a 25th show in this episode. As always, we will finish up with News and whats in Up and Coming. We hope everyone is safe, healthy, and sane!

Let me know your thoughts:

Twitter: @RealmofTTP


Need to skip ahead:

  • Intro – 00:24
  • Review – The Letter for the King – 01:00
  • Season Catch-up Charmed, Legacies, SN – 26:33
  • Rewind – Ghost Whisperer – 36:48
  • News – 42:16
  • Up and Coming – 49:14
  • Outro – 53:17

Thank you for listening!

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