EP182 04/07/2020 – Han Roy Solo


Episode 182

Brian and Tony are on a much needed stay-cation so Roy is jumping into the driver seat. He attempts not to make it to “realmy” but no promises! This episode is a quick listen but it is heavy on Hollywood News as a ton of movies from Disney, Marvel, DC, Sony, and Universal all get updated release dates. Also, there is a ton of new deals for free content on many of your favorite streaming platforms.

Roy starts the show updating our March Madness Challenge and it is down to just two iconic characters. Be sure to vote on all platforms to make sure your Hero or Villain is victorious! Roy goes through all your favorites from Trailer Talk to Casting Couch to going forward. Please enjoy this quick listen.

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Be Kind, Rewind:

  • Intro – 00:34
  • Poll Updates – 01:20
  • Stream Warrior – 06:00
  • Pod Rec – 10:35
  • Casting Couch – 13:08
  • Hollywood News – 14:54
  • DC Discussion – 28:31
  • Marvel Minute – 30:38
  • Going Forward – 32:54

Thanks for listening!

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