Takedown: Episode 2 – Could the quarantine actually be good for wrestling?


We are back!  Made it a whole two episodes so far.  I know, we are proud of ourselves too.  It’s just odd to discuss wrestling now because we are in such a weird time, but your T3 boys are here for you to do just that.  Some fun debuts on AEW make for a fun Dynamite and WWE seems to learn from some mistakes and be a little better.  Not much, but a little.  But could all of this quarantine mess end up being for the best?  How can this help televised wrestling?  We have some good discussion this week as to what will happen when all this is over.

We go off into a lot of non-wrestling tangents too.  Because we can.  Including what our Wrestlemania eating challenge will be for 2020 and old childhood movies that lead to a challenge of sorts before next week’s episode (thank you Take Too Podcast for the inspiration).

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