Takedown: Premiere Episode or Who Would Relaunch a Wrestling Podcast Now


This is it folks!  The very first episode of the new show Takedown, from the T3 Podcast Network.  The wrestling podcast that you have been needing in your life.  This is an odd time in wrestling with no crowds of RAW or SmackDown and the future of Wrestlemania in a weird sort of limbo.  What better time to relaunch a wrestling podcast?  But here we are and we can’t wait to talk about it all.  We have so many opinions and want to share them all with you, even if you didn’t ask.  Plus we get into some of our favorite wrestlers so you can tell where in life your hosts are coming from in their fandom.  And lots of ideas about where the future of this weird, corona-time is heading for wrestling.

Please send all of your letters to our mailbag segment, TripleTBag@gmail.com

twitter: @T3Network

Instagram/Facebook: T3 Network

web: www.T3PodcastNetwork.com

call us: 202-556-4433

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