CW Recap Show Season 2 Ep13 2/1/20



CW Recap Show

Official Podcast for the CW in Washington, DC

Hosts: Brian, Tony, Roy, John and Craig

Nine shows this week!

Huge drama on All American. Batwoman might be proving to actually be a solid show. Black Lightning is in the home stretch for their season.

But today is all about Arrow and its series finale!

Join us every week as we break down all the latest from your favorite CW shows!


twitter: @taketoopodcast  and  @DCW50

web:  and


hotline: 434-602-1931

Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :35,
  • Batwoman – 3:31,
  • Supergirl – 13:30,
  • All American – 23:25,
  • Black Lightning – 27:00,
  • Arrow – 37:45,
  • Riverdale – 55:00,
  • Nancy Drew – 1:03:50,
  • Supernatural – 1:09:45,
  • Charmed – 1:22:05

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