Episode 168 The final show…of the year!

IMG_20191231_133038_466Hosts: Tony and Brian

We wrap up 2019 with a fun show filled with a few reviews, some Hollywood News and a bunch of chatter in-between.

While the ball drops listen to our reviews of Uncut Gems and Spies in Disguise. Then during Stream Warrior we chat about The Witcher, You S2, Mandalorian and more!

We also crown our Fall/Winter Box Office Champion!! Does the belt changes hands once again??

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Ratings and Reviews are much appreciated.


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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :38,
  • Box Office – 5:20,
  • Uncut Gems – 16:16,
  • Spies in Disguise – 23:00,
  • Stream Warrior – 26:50,
  • PodRec – 52:15,
  • Trailer Talk – 54:05,
  • What’s in the Glass – 55:10,
  • Casting Couch – 1:00:15,
  • Hollywood News – 1:07:15,
  • DC Discussion – 1:25:40,
  • Marvel Minute – 1:28:30,
  • Going Forward – 1:31:50


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