The Realm of Take Too 12/29/19 Spinoff Show

IMG_39dpa5We hope everyone had a magical Christmas and are ready to celebrate a fantastic New Year! Ring in the New Year with Episode 21 of the Realm of Take Too Podcast. This episode is review heavy so if you haven’t seen something, check the show notes and skip ahead because there is spoilers. You have been warned. This episode we breakdown Book 3 of the The Dragon Prince on Netflix; we go through the first season of His Dark Materials from HBO and BBC One; we dive deep into our CW shows: Supernatural, Legacies, and Charmed; and then we finish up reviews with a First look at The Witcher on Netflix…whew.

After all that, we get into our staples with Rewind, News, and what to look for in Up and Coming. As always we finish up with Wizard World to see where you can catch the next con. Stick around, you won’t want to miss a thing!

Let me know your thoughts:

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Have a Fantastic New Year!

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