The Realm of Take Too Podcast 11/24/2019 – SPINOFF SHOW


Roy is back with episode 20 of the Realm of Take Too Podcast. In this episode, Roy gives his initial thoughts on HBO’s Dark Materials and Netflix’s The Dragon Prince. He also catches everyone up on DCW50 shows Supernatural, Charmed, and Legacies. As a little Take Too Universe synergy, Roy goes through Disney + and talks about some of the movies and series that he thinks you should revisit. Speaking of revisit, we have a new series in Rewind and Roy finishes up with News and Up and Coming. Now stop reading and start listening to this episode!

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  • Intro – 00:23; Reviews – 01:15; Disney + 27:17; Rewind – 34:14; News – 36:56; Up and Coming – 43:15; Outro – 48:30

Thanks for listening to the Realm of Take Too Podcast!

Have a Magical Holiday Season!

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