Ghost in the Graveyard

audio review and Olivia Larsen interview available on Ep160

First time director Charlie Comparetto dives head first into the fire with this film filled with twists, turns and fantastic cinematography. If this is what we are treated to for his writing and directorial debut, I truly can’t wait to see Charlie progress and improve over his next many feature films.graveyard - Copy

Kelli Berglund and Jake Busey headline this cast that can do no wrong in this film. But the show gets stolen by up and coming actress Olivia Larsen. Remember this girls name, you’re going to be hearing more of it as long as we keep getting performances like this one!

Horror movies aren’t my style but I wanted to check out this movie. At times I felt it could have been simplified a bit better, but then the twists it provided will keep you thinking the whole time. Leaving the viewer with questions can be a good thing and can prove problematic at times. his film will certainly leave you with quite a few questions when all is said and done. There are plenty of jump scares and creepy scenes to give you a good fright or two. Haunting kids, ghosts, zombified demons will make you cringe and you may never wanna take a bath again!

Extreme appreciation goes to Comparetto for his bold takes, quick edits and drone usage for cinematography. His vision is undeniable and show immense promise in future films. Many times throughout the film I caught myself noticing his filmmaking style and nuance.

olivia film - CopyThe plot and storyline line may leave you thinking and scratching your head a bit at the end, but the acting is superb and film making overall make this haunting tale one to check out every Halloween. Check it out on most major streaming platforms today!


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