Ep159 10/29/19 Craig & John Get Let Out of Their Cage


Episode 159

Hosts: Craig & John; Take Too Takedown Takeover!

This is a fun one folks.  Your wrestling boys of our spin-off show Take Too Takedown have been let loose and are in total control of main episode this week.  So it is a jam packed episode, full of stuff they love.  Reviews? Oh we got those. Eli, Raising Dion, Ghost in the Graveyard, Wu-Tang Clan: An American Saga, Castle Rock, Watchman, Daybreak, and the Banana Splits Movie (yes, THAT movie) are all covered.

Our Box Office Challenge has some new numbers on the board, including one of John’s picks. Plenty of news from all over Hollywood, plus DC and Marvel specific stuff. Trailer Talk is filled with some okay upcoming films, but a new netflix holiday movie has us all a-gitty.  Podcast Rec for this week is another great dive into a specific crime like we love with The Shrink Next Door. Plus, John & Craig get their snuggle on the Casting Couch together.

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