Audio review available on Episode 158

Do crazy people know they’re crazy? It’s the age old quandary right? If someone came to you and told you this impassioned story about their family and their problem; would you believe them or would you know they were a bit off right away?

fractured-netflix-reviewSam Worthington plays Ray Monroe. A dad who is in the midst of a tragic accident. While on a road trip with his wife and daughter his daughter falls and breaks her arm. But this is no ordinary fall. Ray falls too and hits his head pretty hard.

There’s a rush to the hospital and urgency to check in Peri, his daughter, but something is amiss. The hospital staff are all quite rude and they keep oddly calling someone and mysteriously letting them know they “got another one” and then adding their blood type. Creepy.

Suddenly his wife and daughter disappear and nobody from the hospital knows anything about it. Did any of this really happen or is it all in Rays head? Creepy.

what-is-netflix-fractured-movie-aboutFrom here the film never truly grabs. The focus is squarely on Worthingtons jaw. No, literally it does since 90% of the shots are closeups of his face. He actually does a solid job of showing his emotional range. From compassionate father to helpless man who can’t protect his family to confused guy who is never sure that what’s happening right in front of his face is real or not. They do a decent job of making you the viewer feel the same. You question just exactly what did happen to the wife and daughter. Also what happened to Ray in his past? He apparently had issues before. Are they haunting him now and causing delusions in his mind?

To be honest I couldn’t get into this one. Nothing held attention long enough and if it wasn’t for faint interest in finding out the truth, I would have checked out. The ending does deliver a solid finale though. I promise there’s something in there you didn’t see happening. Even if you figure out the truth ahead of time or not.

It’s Halloween season so if you’re looking for a show with some twisty creepiness as well as want to watch Sam Worthington show off his emotional range; then check out this movie when you get a chance. But not any sooner..


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