Hate Crime

A deep look into the inner turmoil and emotions of two sets of grieving parents.

How do you deal with losing a child? What if your child had a secret not accepted by all of society? What if your child was the one who murdered him?

Hate Crime is a strong performance driven film that deals with the aftermath of an epic tragedy. One young man has been murdered and another sits on death row for the crime. The reason for his crime though is simply because the victim was gay, or is there more to this?

Two sets of parents are now dealing with life after this turn of events has transpired. One set is being torn apart and their marriage as well as their sanity is fading. The other set is dealing by facing the hard moments head on. The more they confront them the sooner they can gain closure and move on.

John Schneider and Laura Cayouette are the parents who need closure. They’re driving to witness the death of the murderer to help themselves say goodbye. Amy Redford and Kevin Bernhardt are the other set of parents who are at odds with each other, with the mistakes they made as parents and with life.

The beauty of this intense film is you are not immediately told which son belongs to which set of parents. Each of them plays their pain in a way that it doesn’t matter which kid was theirs. They all have one thing in common and that’s the loss of a child.

The performances from all of these actors is so emotional and so engaging that you’re immediately drawn into their pain. Four different parents. Four different adults. Four different ways that they’re handling this life altering moment. You can actually invest into each of them and empathize with each. I understood why they all felt the way they felt.

Hate Crime is a slow burn of a film. Stay with it through the end because the emotional payoff and look inside yourself will be worth it. A fantastic job by director Steven Esteb for instantly engaging my heart and mind into this emotional film.

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