Brittany Runs a Marathon


Have you ever lost yourself? Have you ever been truly at rock bottom? How did you find your way out?

Thousands of people every year find running as their way out. The time alone. The challenge against yourself, against your physical and — more importantly — mental strength that only you can defeat. Then there’s the peace that’s found while out on the road with only your thoughts to accompany you.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is a tale about a woman who finds herself using just this method. Running.

When her doctor suggests she lose some weight, Brittany (Jillian Bell) takes to the streets in Brittany Runs A Marathon.

It sounds boring. Sounds simplistic. And even in this film it’s made fun of and there’s a point made that it can often be misunderstood. But there’s rarely a challenge that life presents to us greater than inner turmoil. Somehow running can combat it.

This movie explores every aspect of how quickly our lives can spiral downward and toward;fs the brink of giving up. It then explores what it takes to reach deep within yourself to overcome and transform into a better person.

Jillian Bell is truly fantastic in the lead role as Brittany. She has hit the bottom of life realizing she has fake friends, fake feelings and a fake sense of self worth. A trip to the doctor to essentially attempt scoring drugs to use recreationally is where she finds her wake up call. She is bluntly told she is obese and needs to change her lifestyle. No more drugs and alcohol. No more non-stop partying. But most importantly, she needs to lose 50 pounds.

A daunting task that eventually Brittany accepts. Change needs to happen and after a random encounter with her neighbor, played fantastically by Michaela Watkins, she gets just the boost she needs.

Just one block.

A realization that this will be a process, Brittany takes it slow. As she does though, she realizes little by little she’s gaining in life. Little things like a door being held open for her or someone returning a smile and a ‘Hello’ start happening.

Eventually this running becomes a thing. A thing she enjoys. A thing she looks forward too. A thing she chooses over her previous lifestyle. The more she runs, the better her life is. She makes new friends, including ones from places she never expected. She does something crazy and decides to go all-in and sign up for a full marathon.img_4356

This film is about the journey. It’s a beautiful story about finding yourself and discovering not only the ugliness inside of you, but what you can do to defeat it. It should make you feel good and also just might inspire you to go sign up for a race. Maybe not the New York City Marathon, but possibly your local 5k. If you don’t think there’s one near you, there is. Trust me.

Based loosely on a true story, this film is very well done. It doesn’t out-think itself, even when adding in a love story sub-plot. It will inspire you to take a positive look into your own life and any changes you can make. It has instantly moved up as one of my favorite films for 2019!

real life brittany
Real life Brittany!

Go see this movie today!


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