Take Too Takedown: Episode 87 — Schedule Be Damned



We are John-less again this week, but never fear T3 listeners! Jeff the Ref steps in once again to save the day and keep the Take Too Takedown ship a-rolling.  And with so much to cover, we needed him for sure.  Of course we got your NXT Takeover: Toronto and SummerSlam talk.  Plus the aftermaths on RAW and Smackdown after SummerSlam, which include a big return of a long gone superstar.  Right Coast Pro has announced some of the matches for their upcoming event.  Plus AEW gives us some more great news to be happy about and realize why we love that company. We got your mailbag segment, we got your Moment Of, but most importantly…we have the winner of Phase 2 for the T3 Pick ‘Em Championship Challenge.  Did Alleged Wrestling podcast hold on to the belt after winning Phase 1?  Or did someone else finally swipe it from them? Listen up and find out!

As always, send your wrestling and non-wrestling related questions to our mailbag segment, TripleTBag@gmail.com

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Da Machine

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