Ep148 8/13/2019 Guess I’ll Just Do it Myself


Episode 148

Hosts: Roy…all by himself

The rest of Take Too Podcast is out on vacation, Roy is giving you all your entertainment news and reviews and throwing in his Take Too. The Box Office this week didn’t make any big ways but did it help Brian move past Craig in our Summer Draft?

Roy reviews HBO’s polarizing new series, Euphoria and you may be surprised by what he thinks. He also looks recommends a new podcast that he is excited about and spends a little time on the Casting Couch, while revisiting Maine for What’s in the Glass.

Roy spends a lot of time of Trailer Talk, which is becoming a very popular segment among the host. He then rolls through all the news of the week. Roy finishes up with Marvel and DC and then its adios!

Ratings and reviews are always welcomed (please?!?!) and very much appreciated (please!?!?!)


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Want to skip ahead? Well don’t, this is really good stuff:

  • Intro-01:05; Box Office-02:33; Summer Draft update-04:17; Euphoria Review-05:26; What’s in the Glass-13:26; Podcast Recommendation-15:30; Casting Couch-19:40; Trailer Talk-21:60; News-30:52; Marvel Minute-36:41; DC Discussion-41:44; Going Forward-44:00

Thanks for listening

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