Take Too Takedown: Episode 85 — Would You Pin a Pregnant Woman or T3 Trying to Buy AEW Tickets



Quiet a lot happening in the world of wrestling this week and your Take Too Takedown hosts are here to help you navigate through it all.  We talk about RAW, which had some highlights and some definite lowlights.  Including a mask getting ripped off, some matches set for Summer Slam, and a new pregnant champion.  SmackDown gives us some returning legend and a heel turn that still needs a little work.  Plus even some NXT chat and 205 Live discussion.  AEW’s upcoming event is covered, we through some love at a local radio god, and our Moment Of.  But be sure to stay til the end of this episode folks.  They you get to hear the insanity that is us trying to buy AEW tickets live during the show.

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Edited by

Da Machine

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