The Realm of Take Too Podcast 07/27/2019 – SPINOFF SHOW


It is the last Sunday in July and you know what that means, it is time for a new adventure into the Realm of Take Too Podcast. Your host Roy brings a show packed with news following San Diego Comic Con. He also jumps into a little discussion of Stranger Things season 3. As always, he takes a look at a show you may have missed the first time around in Rewind. He finishes up with Up and Coming and where you can catch the next Wizard World. Hope you enjoy this next adventure.

Let me know what you thought:

Twitter: @RealmofTTP


  • Intro 00:24
  • ST3 discussion 01:03
  • Rewind – Once Upon a Time 08:07
  • News 13:27
  • Up and Coming 30:28
  • Outro 32:36

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