Ep 144 7/16/19 It’s Tony With The Hot Tag


Episode 144

Hosts: Tony (with a few tag-ins from Craig & John)

One might think that a solo show from Tony would be short and not that full, but boy would you be wrong.  This episode is FULL of reviews and news and opinion all over the place.  Tony gives us two theater reviews of Stuber and Crawl, one which he loved more than the other.  John & Craig come in with some Stream Warrior revies of I Am Mother, Savage Builds, and Aziz Ansari newest Netflix special.  Then Tony comes swinging in with his own stream reviews of Point Blank and Scream: Season 3.

News, Casting Couch, DC Discussion, and Trailer Talk are all brought to you by Tony.  Then Craig & John tag back in for some Marvel Minute and two, count ’em TWO, Podcast Recommendations.  (Didn’t we tell you this episode is amazing!!). What’s the Glass and Going Forward also brought to you by Tony

You’re welcome folks.  The World is now better thanks to us.

Ratings and Reviews are always appreciated.


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