Ep 138 6/4/19 T3 Takeover aka Wieners Flying Thru the Air


Episode 138

Hosts: It’s a Take Too Takedown Takeover with John & Craig!

Your wrestling show spin-off hosts are here to bring you this week’s main Take Too podcast. Try not to get too excited.  The boys get together in person to record some good time fun for the masses.

We have reviews of Aladdin in theaters and some great streaming reviews of Good Omens, Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men & Dark Side of the Ring.  Plus an iZombie recap for everyone as we are 5 episodes into the final season.  The fellas also take time to introduce you to a new entrant into the rap game who you may recognize from other projects he’s done. But not to be out done, they make sure to share some of the song skills as well.  Trust us, you’ll know it when you hear it.  Some craziness going on in the Hollywood News, Trailer Talk galore, DC Discussion, Marvel Minute and a Pod Rec from John that you won’t want to miss out on. Make sure to listen all the way til the end this week for a bonus easter egg.

JOIN us at the All Star Con in Tysons Corner, VA THIS weekend June 8 & 9! We will be there at the CW booth recording a live episode so be sure to stop by because you should be there too! Give us your rendition of our newest drop and best one gets a prize.

tweet us: @TakeTooPodcast

email us: TakeTooPodcast@gmail.com

hotline us: 434-602-1931

IG & FB: just search for Take Too Podcast

And as always, your likes and reviews are greatly appreciated.

Edited by Da Machine

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