Take Too Takedown: Episode 78 — Salad Bars and Arm Bars



The boys are back on their new release day with some cure for your Saturday Night Fever! So so much to discuss this week.  We make sure to hit all the crap that was WWE this week and how they really missed their chance to come in strong.  Because that’s exactly what AEW did over the weekend, and we were not disappointed.  So we cover all the highlights of AEW, where they can go from here, and how Moxley (especially his Talk is Jericho interview) fits into it all.  We then recap how our Money in the Bank pick ’em challenge went for Phase II of the T3 Champions Challenge. Congrats to new comer Shai on his initial win, you will fall to us soon.  Some fun is had with intros and theme songs for our T3 League shows, Right Coast Pro & MCW Talk, and a great Moment Of that some people may have missed.

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Edited by Da Machine

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