Summer Box Office Draft 5/30/19




All five hosts are back at it again!

After a bit of an anti-climactic Spring session we are more than ready for the big one! Our Summer Season is here and so is the time for the Blockbuster!! Every hosts starts at square one. Every host has a great chance for victory! Every host is going to make some serious money!

The Summer draft is from June 7th through September 27th weekends. Every host chose FIVE films to add to their totals. We will add up each movies domestic opening weekend cash. Whomever has the most loot at the end shall be crowned the victor!

We recorded this episode while having a grand time at the Crooked Run Brewery in Sterling, VA. As soon as you get a chance, so yourself a favor and swing by. They have a great place with great brews and also occasionally allow podcasters to take over!


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