The Realm of Take Too Podcast 05/26/2019 – SPINOFF SHOW


Welcome to another adventure to the Realm of Take Too Podcast! Roy has another great adventure for Episode 14.  He breaks down season 4 of Magicians with little spoilers so that you can enjoy the season as much as he did. He offers you a few shows to catch up on this summer like you use to do before DVR and streaming services. As always, he gets into news and then gives you a show you may have missed in Rewind. He will finish up with what’s Up and Coming and where you can catch the next Wizard World Con. Stick around, he has a great episode for you!

Intro music            00:00

Welcome                00:24

Magician Review     01:18

Summer Catch Up  14:23

News                     21:37

Rewind                  25:05

Up and Coming      28:22

Conclusion            33:13

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