Take Too Takedown: Episode 76 — T3 Tangents



Money in the Bank is this sunday and the T3 Boys are here to give you their predictions for the event.  We have stepped into Phase II of the T3 Pick ‘Em Championship Challenge and will Alleged Wrestling be able to become 2Bit 2 Belt? Only time and our intelligent choices will tell.  We also add some great non-wrestling superstars to our T3 Wrestling League and give lots of buzz to the incoming league owned by Jeff the Ref.  Big big news for AEW has come out and we have lots of opinions about it.  Plus a great mailbag segment from a true T3 fan.

Make sure to send all of your letters to our mailbag segment at TripleTBag@gmail.com

tweet us: @TakeTooTakedown

call us: 434-602-1931

Edited by Da Machine

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