Craig & John’s Awesome Adventure – Awesome Con 2019 Specialty Episode



Craig & John had themselves an excellent adventure at Awesome Con this year in Washington DC.  And the boys decided to share the fun with you in this special episode.  While hosts Tony & Roy may have been professional and recorded Episode 133 while they were at Awesome Con, John & Craig walked around and acted like idiots most of the time.  But don’t worry, we recorded most of it.

Special shoutout thanks to Shai (@pancake4table) from Friday Night Movie podcast (@FriNightMovie) for coming to chat with us for awhile.  Plus artist Jay Saunders (IG: JaySaunders333) for telling us all about his work.

Giant thanks of course to DCW50 for being our home base for the whole Awesome Con weekend since we are the Official Podcast of Washington’s CW Network.

Hope everyone enjoyed Awesome Con 2019 and we can’t wait to see you there next year!

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