SPOTLIGHT on Jordan Peele






The Peele-verse

Tony and Brian are back for a unique episode of Take Too Spotlight. This time we focus on the brilliant mind and subsequent universe being created by Mr. Jordan Peele.

His start on the hit comedy show Key and Peele was merely a glimpse into the writing abilities of this amazing creator.

He has only directed two feature length films so far, but they were both outstanding and have everyone already wanting more!

Get Out was a huge cultural phenomenon while his follow up US is a brilliant thriller. From his films he has lent a hand to the beginnings of some very aspiring careers. Winston Duke, Daniel Kaluuya and Lupita N’yongo are just a few that we focus on during this episode.

We hope you enjoy this unique take on our Spotlight show this week. Four amazing artists whose careers we are ready to follow for many years to come!

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