Opening Day Baseball Ep!! 3/27/19


Baseball Specialty Show

Hosts: Brian and Roy

Our National Pastime. 


The sport that has carried our country for decades.

Yes we may be big movie and tv buffs over here but its possible we know a little something about baseball too. Baseball movies that is.

In honor of Opening Day (should be a national holiday), we have compiled our full team filled with nothing but movie/tv baseball characters. No actual ballplayers were harmed during the drafting of these teams.

We chose such greats as Crash Davis, Dottie Hinson, Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez, Nuke LaLoosh, Roy Hobbs, Willie Mays Hayes and so many more to round our our squads top to bottom.  We even added in Managers, team physicians, umpires and fans!

We hope you enjoy our specialty episode all about baseball players in the movies! Whose team do you think would win? Who would you put onto your squad?!?

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