Spring 2019 BOX OFFICE Draft



That’s right folks it’s back!! One of your favorite segments that we do every year but now it is NEW and IMPROVED!!

We are mixing it up a bit this time. Instead of one long 4-5 month draft in which we all select six films, this year we’re doing THREE separate challenges!

Same rules apply. Each host got to select four movies. We will add up their total domestic opening weekend Box Office and then find out who our new champion shall be.

Round one will feature films released from March 8th through May 31st. OH, except for that one Avengers flick….we kinda figure that one may skew the odds a bit.

So, sit back and enjoy this quick review of all our picks from Round One of our 2019 Box Office Draft!

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web: taketoopodcast.com

Hotline: 434-602-1931

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