The Realm of Take Too Podcast 02/17/2019 SPINOFF SHOW


The Realm of Take Too Podcast is back with its first adventure of the year. Roy, your ever faithful guide, starts this weeks adventure checking in on some show favorites: The Magicians, Legacies, Supernatural, and a new favorite, The Passage. He also discusses what shows for 2019 he is most excited about. As always, he will reach into the past for a series you may have missed in rewind, and he will cover news around the fantasy world. Lastly, he discusses movies and shows coming out and he will break down the next Wizarding World show. Let’s begin this new adventure.

00:00         Opening music

00:25         Introduction

01:08         Series Discussion: Supernatural, Legacies, Magicians, the Passage

24:04         Series coming in 2019

33:15         Rewind – Quantum Leap

40:05         News

43:25         Up and Coming

46:16         I’m out

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