The Year Take Too Saved CHRISTMAS !!



Take Too Christmas Spectacular

Hosts: Everyone!!

Merry Christmas everyone! You are in for a treat! This season the boys from Take Too decided to mix it up a bit and they need YOUR help!

Each host was randomly assigned a Christmas movie to champion as the greatest off all time. The catch?  We removed the usual winners of this debate AND the hosts were assigned their films out of a big ole Santa hat!

Now you come in!  After listening to this amazing show we need YOU to vote on all our socials which of these five films shall rule the land?!?

Our winner will be announced on Christmas Eve where Craig will perform a song stark naked!

You’ll also be treated to a few fun little gems along the way from each of our hosts!

We hope you enjoy and go out and vote!!!



Twitter: @Taketoopodcast


CALL: 434-602-1931

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – :45,
  • Scrooged – 5:00,
  • TTP Night Before Christmas – 12:40,
  • Gremlins – 20:35,
  • Dominic the Donkey – 25:40,
  • Nightmare Before Christmas – 29:00,
  • Love Actually – 32:50,
  • Bad Santa – 42:30

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