Take Too Takedown Turkey Talk (T5): Episode 55



It’s Turkey Day and the two turkeys of the Take Too Podcast network are here to give you what you need on this great holiday…wrestling talk.  We give you something a little different this week with the holiday upon us.  An episode all about Thanks.  We thank WWE for some storylines and for some matches.  We have a MUCH LONGER list of No Thanks to WWE for somethings they gave us so far in 2018.  Plus we thank all of our new friends from this year and our favorite local indie wrestling promotions, Right Coast Pro and Maryland Championship Wrestling.

Thank you all so much for everything you have helped us with this year.  We could not do this without our fans.

Be sure to send all of your wrestling questions to our mailbag segment, TripleTBag@gmail.com

tweet us: @TakeTooTakedown

call us: 434-602-1931

edited by Da Machine

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