Soundtracks: Halloween Movie Songs



That’s right folks. After a bit of a hiatus, your favorite Take Too spin-off has finally returned! And Tony & Craig have come back strong.

We take a slight step away from the usual script of focusing on one movie soundtrack to bring you all the music celebrating our favorite holiday, Halloween.  All those songs from all those horror, suspense, and slasher films that simultaneously get you pumped and give you the chills at the same time.

We cover those classic movie scores that can’t help but symbolize the season.  Then we do a nice job of going through songs from all types of films you love to watch in October.  How great they make the movie and question why we don’t just listen to them all year round.  Finish it up with some of those songs that just scream Halloween, even if they haven’t made it into a movie somehow.

Let us know what soundtracks you want us to cover in upcoming episodes and we will make sure to add them to the list.

And be sure to check out the Take Too Soundtracks playlist now on Spotify.

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Edited by Da Machine

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