CW Recap Show Week 1 10/19/18


CW Recap Show

Week 1

Hosts: Everybody

Welcome to our weekly recap show of all things CW Network. As the Official podcast of Washingtons CW we are happy to bring you an in depth look at nine of the top CW shows!

Episode by Episode. Week by Week. We’ll break each of them down one by one for your listening pleasure.

Supergirl, All American, The Flash, Black Lightning, Arrow, Supernatural, Riverdale, Charmed and The Legends of Tomorrow all will be covered on eveyr episode by at least one of our hosts!

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Be kind; Rewind:

  • Supergirl – 2:00,
  • Charmed – 8:00,
  • Arrow – 11:45,
  • Flash – 16:10,
  • Black Lightning – 21:15,
  • Riverdale – 28:30,
  • All American – 37:40,
  • Supernatural – 41:40

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