TakeToo Takedown: Episode 49 (or the episode also know as 48 to Idiots)



John & Craig have returned for episode 49 of Take Too Takedown, your home for all your wresting entertainment. While we may be smart when it comes to wrestling, numbers for sure aren’t our thing. That’s why we spend the whole episode calling it episode 48. We be dummies. But we get a nice recap of the Koala Kangaroo Kickoff for you, including who won the first stage of our THREE EVENT Pick ‘Em Tournament. Recap all that’s happened on RAW & SmackDown in the Australian Aftermath, plus play America (or maybe just our) favorite new game…Gorilla Position!

Send letters to our mailbag segment and get your letter read on the show. TripleTBag@gmail.commailto:TripleTBag@gmail.com

Tweet us: @TakeTooTakedown

And do all your online shopping through the Amazon link on http://www.taketoopodcast.comhttp://www.taketoopodcast.com

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