Ep104 10/9/18 KIng of the Realm & T3’s Tag Team


Episode 104!

Hosts: Craig, Roy, John, and a little taste of Tony

Good things come to those who wait.  And episode 104 is finally ready to fall upon your listening ears. You’re welcome Planet Earth.

Big, Giant, ENORMOUS news for you! We are now THE Official Podcast for Washington’s CW Network, DCW50. That’s right. We are big time now and here to celebrate.

We have five, count ’em FIVE, reviews for you this week.  Our top box office draws of “Venom” and ” A Star is Born” are both covered.  Plus Tony drops in for his reviews of “Ballers” latest season, “Into The Dark” and “Hold the Dark.”  Craig gives a great podcast recommendation of The DCAU Review for everyone to check out.  News galore, casting couch, DC Discussion, Marvel Minute, and so much NYCC coverage that you’ll think you were there.

Don’t forget to head to the H Street Festival THIS Saturday 10/13. Take Too Podcast will be there at the CW booth talking all about the upcoming shows this season on CW. Trust us, whatever you enjoy on CW, one of us five watch it.

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twitter: @TakeTooPodcast

hotline: 434-602-1931

email: TakeTooPodcast@gmail.com

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