Episode 101 9/18/18: Tony Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends


Episode 101 is here!

Host: Tony, with a splash of Craig, twist of John, and chaser shot of Roy

So much to review and so little time this week.  Luckily with the magic of editing, we get a little taste of 4 of the hosts this week covering a lot of topics.  Tony breaks down the weekend box office, covers some TV Time that we’ve all been missing, and fills us in on a lot of news of the week.  John jumps in with a review of Predator to let even know if its worth getting to the chopper to see (see what i did there). Craig drops in for our podcast recommendation this week, DisGraceland. We got DC news covered by Roy, Marvel covered by John & Craig, and so much much more.

Craig here, I’ll be honest with you folks.  I did the editing for this show and haven’t listened to what bit of what Tony recorded.  He could be spending the whole time bashing all us other hosts for all I know.  One thing is for sure, all those times that Tony flubs and says “take that part out Craig” I sure as hell didn’t do that.  Ha! So enjoy folks

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Edited by Da Machine

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