TakeToo Takedown: Episode 40 – Don’t Call It a Comeback


A5D0E2F4-A881-4FD2-8A76-77B83C570F88**SPIN-OFF SHOW**

Don’t call it a comeback folks! The boys of Take Too Takedown have finally returned to all of their millions…and millions of fans.  Between John being abducted in Aruba, gremlins destroying an episode we recorded, and Craig never been able to stay awake, it has been WAY too long since T3 has graced your ear holes.  So there is a lot of catching up to do.  This episode turns more into a State of the Current WWE Roster as they cover what storylines are happening in WWE right now.  But that’s not all! The fellas also have one of their most important interviews yet. T3 has the EXCLUSIVE interview with THE Todd the Cheeseburger.  That’s right, the man who single-handly jumpstarted Mojo Rawley’s career.  Mr. Cheeseburger covers his past and all that brought him to that fately night on RAW.  BUT THERE IS STILL MORE! Since it has been so long, the T-Bag Mailbag has been filling up too. However, there is one letter of epicness that deserves special treatment and this letter is for sure given it’s due.  So much content in one show.  You’re welcome people.

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Edited by: Da Machine

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