Episode 92 7/16/18: Take Tony – A Solo Podcast Story



Episode 92!!

Host: Tony (with some tip-ins from Brain, Craig, Roy, & John)

Long ago in a podcast land far, far away a brave podcaster knew that his co-hosts were off saving the world.  But the fans demanded content and our hero Tony could not leave them wanting for reviews and hollywood news.  So this courageous man has brought to the fans the glory of Take Too podcast! Next step…save the world.

That’s right guys and gals, Tony is solo this week.  But we can’t let him have all the fun so all of your other hosts show up for their little portion of news or reviews too.  The High Five are in full effect! Reviews of Hotel Transylvania 3, Tag, and Netflix’s Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter are all on this newest episode.  A few special segments too about the Emmy nomiations just released, Tony’s TV Time, and come Comic Con updates so you all know what you look out for.  We got the DC Discussion. We got the Marvel Minute.  We even got John recommending “I Sell Comics” podcast with our show friends Ming and Mike.  Who knew that so much could be packed into a solo episode? Let’s just hope this doesn’t end with Tony turning to the Dark Side

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Edited by Craig Da Machine

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