TakeToo Takedown: Episode 37



Reunited and it feels so good. John & Craig are in the studio together once again and we can’t help but be happy about it.  Probably spend the first 10 minutes talking about how excited we are to return to in-person recording and how much fun we had last week with Pat Himes from 80/20 Movie Show.  Our mailbag segment even dives into that past episode too.  But we still are sure cover all of the happenings within WWE this week.  The glory of KO’s acting, Nakamura getting bit by a dog, what the hell are they having Authors of Pain do, and that shockenly, Face-Painted Jeff Hardy can’t see with his eyes closed.  Folow all the fun we had discussing that plus more news about Right Coast Pro’s upcoming giant local event.

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Edited by Da Machine

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