All Star Con 6/15-17 SPECIALTY ALERT




All Star Con was June 15-17th and we here at Take Too Podcast were invited as a featured podcast. Press credentialed and everything, we got to chat with many a great folks.

We sit down with cosplayers, fellow podcasters, authors, prop makers and even one of the creators of All Star Con!! Some of the interviews are lengthy and some are pretty quick. Check the time notes below to help yourself out.

True we weren’t able to record as many interviews as we intended…mostly because we were having too good of a time.

We hope you enjoy this specialty episode containing interviews from the entire All Star Con weekend.

Join the Convo:

twitter: @taketoopodcast



Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro – 1:02,
  • Brian Thomas (cosplayer, podcaster) – 4:25,
  • Neil Cohen (Author – Exit Zero book trilogy) – 20:40,
  • Brian Muir (creator of Darth Vaders helmet) – 22:05,
  • Daniel Delgado (creator of Altruistic) – 25:10,
  • Michael McNutt – (co-creator/head of All Star Con) -28:00,
  • Ming & Mike (Shared Universe Podcast) 32:44

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