Episode 88 6/18/18: All Star Con Fun & Fanny Packs


Episode 88!

Hosts: Brian, Tony, & Roy LIVE from All Star Comic Con, Craig with a slight update, and Junior Podcasts Max & Ellie

This a fun-filled, multiple location episode for you listening ears folks.  We have some good portions of episode 88 that were actually recorded live at All Star Con in Virginia this past weekend.  There was so much going on there but the fellas try to focus for you as much as they can to bring you all the news you need.  We have a BIG update to our Summer Movie Draft that happened this weekend thanks to the box office numbers covered.  Plus you get some junior podcaster action.  Tony’s spawn give you an adorable and great Incredibles 2 review, then his son Max hangs around All Star giving us a much needed update on the goings on during E3.  We still have all the marvel, dc, and going forward news you need as well.  Plus a Podcast Recommedation for Next Best Picture Podcast!

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edited by Craig Da Machine

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