TakeToo Takedown: Episode 34 – John Solo: A Take Too Story



This is it folks. The episode everyone has been clamoring for.  It may be a few days late but it doesn’t matter. Because John’s solo episode is finally here for your listening earsT’ enjoyment.  Are you not entertained?!?! John covers all of the happens within WWE from last week’s RAW and SmackDown.  Not only that, but he also gets in to the Triple T Bag as well with some key insight into things we haven’t yet discussed on T3.  Wanna know the truth, my friends actually reading these show notes? This is Craig writing them and I have no clue what John talked about because he did the entire recording and edit himself.  I legitimately have no clue what he talked about.  And a damn sure can’t wait anymore to find out! This is gonna be good listeners.  Enjoy the show.

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Edited by John The Demigod

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